Business Insider: European startup spotlight: How Outinspire is electrifying the outdoor experience

Business Insider: European startup spotlight: How Outinspire is electrifying the outdoor experience

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In the heart of Denmark, where hygge meets innovation, a new player is reshaping the outdoor tech landscape. Outinspire, a Danish startup, isn't just upgrading camping gear—it's reinventing the entire outdoor cooking experience. Blending cutting-edge technology with sleek Scandinavian design and an unwavering commitment to safety, Outinspire is positioning itself as the Tesla of outdoor cooking equipment.

The Cooker: Campfire cuisine 2.0

At the core of Outinspire's innovation is 'The Cooker', a device that's making traditional campfire cooking look like a relic of the past.

"The Cooker isn't just another camping stove," says Kristoffer Kilias Jakobsen, CEO and co-founder of Outinspire. "It's a testament to Danish ingenuity and our commitment to revolutionizing outdoor experiences."

Forget heavy gas canisters and risky open flames. The Cooker employs advanced heating technology, powered by a detachable, rechargeable battery. It's safer, smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Key features:

  1. QuickServe™ Technology: Heats food or water in just 7 minutes
  2. Marathon Battery Life: Cooks over 2000g of food on a single charge
  3. NoBurn™ Technology: Consistently heats to 80°C for perfect meals
  4. One-Button Simplicity: Press twice and let The Cooker do the rest

Safety first in an era of climate concerns 

With wildfires making global headlines, Outinspire has prioritized safety. "Wildfire and personal safety isn't just a feature—it's a crucial part of our company's DNA," Jakobsen emphasizes. This commitment is backed by over seven certifications from the world's leading lab.

From Copenhagen to campgrounds: An innovation journey

Outinspire's research began in 2018, and a crucial investment from Denmark's Innovation Fund later ignited the fireless revolution. By 2023, the startup had attracted angel investors eager to build "the outdoor company of the future."

Investor Jeppe Quottrup doesn't mince words: "What Outinspire is doing isn't just innovative; it's revolutionary. We're creating an entirely new category in outdoor tech."

Building a brand, fostering community

Jonas Korreborg Bertelsen, CCO of Outinspire, underscores the company's holistic approach: "We're not just building a product; we're crafting a lifestyle brand. Outinspire is becoming synonymous with design, usability, and safety."

While specific sales figures remain confidential, Jakobsen hints at promising early results: "Let's just say we're growing faster than expected"

The road ahead: Expanding the Outinspire ecosystem

Outinspire is already taking pre-orders for its new product, The Solarpanel, designed to charge both Outinspire products and devices. A high-tech camping pan is in development, and Jakobsen teases "something very big in R&D that we can't share yet."

Investors eye upcoming funding round

As Outinspire continues to innovate, investors are taking notice. The startup's next funding round is expected to accelerate their European expansion and boost product development. With the global camping equipment market projected to reach $89 Billion by 2031, the potential returns are substantial.

Outinspire isn't just changing how we cook in the wilderness—it's transforming our entire relationship with outdoor experiences. For outdoor enthusiasts, industry watchers, and investors alike, this Danish startup is definitely one to watch. The future of camping cuisine isn't just looking more appetizing; it's looking downright revolutionary.

About the company: Ourr team of outdoor enthusiasts and tech innovators came together to create a solution that blends the comforts of home with the thrill of adventure. The result? A revolutionary, battery-powered, flameless cooking system that’s compact, portable, and incredibly easy to use. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, picnicking in the park, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, The Cooker ensures you can enjoy a hot meal wherever you are.

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